See below the most frequently asked questions about The Tax Farm and about the way we work. If you don’t find all the answers you need, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Ok, I’m signed up. What happens next?

We’ll set you up with your online accounting software and if you’re unfamiliar with the package we’ll train you how to use it.

From then on you get on with your business and we’ll get on with the accounting. We’ll keep an eye on your accounting records and get in touch with any tax saving or business improvement suggestions. Of course, this is as well as ensuring you don’t miss any filing or payment deadlines with HMRC.

Online accounting software is new to me, do you provide training on how to use it?

If you’re new to FreeAgent, QuickBooks or Xero we would be more than happy to help you get started and show you how to get the most out of the software. Even after you are up and running we are always available to help you if you get a bit stuck.

I’m not a paperwork fan, are you able to provide a bookkeeping service?

Whilst we provide online software to help make bookkeeping easy we appreciate that not everyone has the time, or desire, to sit down and deal with paperwork. So, we would be happy to help out. We can chat through your requirements and provide a service that works for you.

Will I see someone face to face?

Gone are the days of taking valuable time out during your working day to visit the accountant’s office. Our clients love being able to deal with us remotely via e-mail, phone or via video conferencing especially as they can do this at a time which suits them; evening or weekends.

That said the kettle is always on if you want to pop in for a chat.

On your ‘Prices’ page, why do you show monthly figures?

All of our Fixed Price Plans are payable monthly via direct debit. Our clients love having an upfront agreed fixed price and by paying monthly it smooths out cashflow during the year.

I’m thinking of joining The Tax Farm, but I’m half-way through my current trading period so I’m not sure how you pricing structure works for me?

The Pricing Plans are an illustration of our more popular options; based on working with us for a full tax year or annual trading period if you operate a limited company.

Whenever you look to join us at The Tax Farm we’d have a full discuss of what you needs are and agree a fixed price, in line with our illustrative figures.

Why do you not include the free accounting software with Plan 1?

For our clients with simpler accounting requirements they have informed us that they don’t need to ‘go digital’ with a full-on bookkeeping package. They have found that they can ‘go digital’ with a business account with a banking and accounting app such as Tide, Coconut or CountingUp.

Although if preferred a software licence can be included for a small additional charge.


Your accounts are about to become a whole lot less of a faff.

Tax shouldn’t be scary. It shouldn’t be something you bury your head in the sand about. Because the thing most accountants don’t want you to know is this: it doesn’t have to be complicated. And with The Tax Farm, we’ll make sure it isn’t.

Unsure whether we’re the right people for you? Let’s put that right.